No worries – Hakuna matata in Swahili

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No worries meaning in English

No worries is used to tell someone that a situation is acceptable, even if something has gone wrong.

No worries in Swahili

The most common way of saying no worries in Swahili is hakuna matata.

Other words like no worries in English are:

1. Don’t worry about it

2. It’s no problem

3. There’s no need to worry

4. It’s no trouble at all

5. Don’t fret about it

6. It’s no issue

7. That’s perfectly fine

Hakuna matata meaning in Swahili

Hakuna matata in Swahili means no worries, it will be fine.  It also means “do not worry about that”, “that’s all right”, “forget about it” or “sure thing.”

Other words like hakuna matata in Swahili

Hakuna shida/ tatizo (no problem): It is used to say that one is not bothered by something.

Usijali, hakuna shida (Don’t worry, there’s no problem.)

Hakuwa na tatizo na hilo. (He had no problem with that.)

Usiogope (don’t worry): Used when you are trying to make someone feel less anxious.

Usiogope, itakuwa sawa. (Don’t be afraid, it will be okay.)

Sio shida (No trouble): it is not too difficult or inconvenient.

Sio shida kwake. (It’s no trouble for him.)

Usijali (no need to worry): Used when you want to help calm someone’s doubts or troubles.

Usijali, nitalifanya. (There is no need to worry, I’ll take care of it.)

Meaning of the word matata in Swahili

Matata in Swahili means difficulty or problems.

Other definition is: (A state of conflict that arises among people.) hali ya kugombana inayozuka miongoni mwa watu.

Other words related to matata in Swahili are:

  • Matatizo (problems)
  • Ugumu (difficulty)
  • Usumbufu (inconvenience)
  • Wasiwasi (anxiety)
  • Muwasho (irritation)
  • Uchungu (pain)
  • Kero (a nuisance)
  • Mkazo (stress)
  • Fadhaa (agitation)
  • Unyanyasaji (harassment)
  • Shida (trouble)
  • Tatizo (problem)
  • Jaribio (temptation/experiment)
  • Dhiki (distress)
  • Kiwewe (trauma)
  • Taabu (misery)
  • nk. (etc.)