How to say thank you in Swahili

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Thank you meaning in English

Thank you is used to tell someone that you are grateful because they have given you something or done something for you.

Thank you in Swahili

Here are ways of saying thank you in Swahili:

1. Asante: This is the most universal way to say “thank you” in Swahili. It can be used in almost any situation, with anyone.

Asante is pronounced as: ah-SAHN-tay.

2. Asante sana: This means “thank you very much” and is slightly more formal than just “asante.” Mostly used when one wants to express greater gratitude.

It is pronounced as: ah-SAHN-tay SAH-nah.

3. Shukrani: This is another way to say “thank you,” typically used in slightly more formal situations or when addressing elders or superiors.

Shukrani is pronounced as: shoo-KRAH-nee.

Thank you messages in Swahili

  • Thanks for your help with. – Asante kwa msaada wako.
  • You’ve been so helpful with. Thanks! – Umekuwa msaada sana kwangu. Asante!
  • I’m sending you some much-deserved appreciation for helping me. – Ninakutumia shukrani unazostahili kwa kunisaidia.
  • I’m lucky to call you a friend. Thanks for all of your support. – Nina bahati ya kukuita rafiki. Asante kwa msaada wako wote.
  • I appreciate all of your help during this difficult time. – Ninashukuru kwa msaada wako wote katika wakati huu mgumu.
  • Thanks for coming to my rescue when I was sick. – Asante kwa kuja kuniokoa nilipokuwa mgonjwa.
  • Your well-wishes meant so much to me while I was sick—thank you very much! – Matakwa yenu yalikuwa na maana sana kwangu nilipokuwa mgonjwa—asante sana!
  • Thanks for pushing me to be a better person. I’ve really enjoyed working with you. – Asante kwa kunisukuma kuwa mtu bora. Nimefurahiya sana kufanya kazi na wewe.
  • Working with you is a big part of why I love my job. Thanks for making every day such a joy! – Kufanya kazi na wewe ni sehemu kubwa ya kwanini ninaipenda kazi yangu. Asante kwa kufanya kila siku kuwa ya furaha!