Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology Photos

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About Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology (KWUST)

Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology (KWUST) is a private, women’s only Kenyan university founded in 2002. Accredited by The Commission for University Education (CUE), its main objective is to bridge the gender gap in higher education and contribute to the country’s social and economic development.

Its Philosophy emphasizes the role of Science and Technology in sustainable development and human potential realization, rooted in Christian principles.

It is located on a fifty-acre parcel in Kasarani, the campus provides an intellectually stimulating environment for research and learning. With intakes in January, May, and September, they offer programs through their School of Business and Management, School of Computer Science and Information Technology, and Faculty of Science.

Their Vision is to be a center of academic excellence fostering holistic development, while their Mission focuses on educating and training individuals using scientific methods.

It was founded by Dr. Paul Gachanga Ndarua. Kiriri Women’s University has a vision aimed at addressing gender disparities in tertiary education, especially in Science and Technology. Dr. Ndarua’s dedication to women’s education dates back to 1989 when he established St. Lucie Kiriri Girls Secondary School.

His vision of an all-women’s university emerged from the need to provide a conducive environment for women to excel in higher education. He envisioned graduates becoming ambassadors of change, contributing to their communities and beyond.

Dr. Ndarua’s legacy continues as KWUST strives to empower women through education, fulfilling his vision of nurturing holistic individuals who positively impact society.

Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology Photos