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About Wild Waters Mombasa

Set within Kenya’s tropical sunshine, Wild Waters in Mombasa is a Family Entertainment Park offering an array of fun activities for all ages. Boasting 15 Adult and Kids Waterslides, a Raindance Disco Arena, Gaming Arcade, Bumper Cars, and theme rides, Wild Waters ensures a complete entertainment experience for maximum amusement.

Located in Mombasa, Kenya, this entertainment center houses a variety of rides and activities. Alongside the exclusive water slides, which include spiral slides and a fume bowl for adults, there’s also a kids’ pool and a play station area.

In addition to wet rides, there are dry rides such as bumper cars, short and long rides, making Wild Waters a versatile destination for family fun.

The park’s amenities include a Food Court, a Bar, and a Coffee Shop, catering to all your needs. Visitors can enjoy a delightful mix of thrilling activities and relaxation options, creating a well-rounded entertainment experience.

Wild Waters features 15 water slides and rides, including a unique RainDance Arena for dancing under cooling rain. Booking in advance allows you to skip lines and enjoy the park at your convenience. Conveniently located in the Nyali Area of Mombasa, close to various hotels and directly opposite the Nyali Golf Club, the park is easily accessible by Uber, taxi, tuk-tuk, or even on foot from the nearby Mamba Village.

Activities at Wild Waters: From a kiddy pool to an enclosed spiraling slide, Wild Waters caters to both toddlers and thrill-seekers. The set of four parallel waterslides, perfect for sliding side-by-side with companions, is a favorite among families. For added excitement, experience a thrilling ride through the flume bowl. If you prefer a more relaxed experience, float along the lazy river while observing the action around you.

Wild Waters Mombasa Photos

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